Waterloo Mosque




The Region of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, has one of the fastest-growing, multi-cultural, Muslim communities in Canada.  It was established in the early 1980s when it became a fully-licensed religious corporation under Canadian law.
With a Muslim population of roughly 25,000 in Waterloo Region, the Mosque is one of the main centers for Muslims. The Mosque comprises a wide range of Muslim Canadians from many ethnic backgrounds such as from Asian, South Asian, African, European, and Middle-Eastern descent. The place has a full-time Imam who is a qualified Islamic scholar. Congregational prayer is held five times daily in addition to the weekly Friday prayers. Other activities include daily Qur’an classes for children and adults, weekly halaqas (study circles) for learning and teaching, and a weekend Islamic school for the Muslim youth. Special activities include Iftar gatherings during Ramadan, with daily Taraweeh prayer and educational lectures.

The Mosque has regular Halaqas (Reading and conversation circles) daily after Fajr. The Halaqa is led by Imam Abdul-Mannan. There is also a youth Halaqa every Friday between 6:15-7.15 pm.

The Mosque provides many services, including Islamic School, Ramadan activities, Funeral and Marriage sermonies, etc.

The Mosque has an expansion plan that represents a multi-purpose facility extension with ground level parking that could accommodate more prayer spots in addition to a variety of recreation and community activities. They accept donations.

The address:
213 Erb St. West
Waterloo, ON

(519) 886-8470

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